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Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan Coaching, Training and Consulting

[email protected] Tel.0868373582

Here are a few testimonials telling you about Metta-morphics, and what we do.

'As an individual Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan is upbeat positive and enthusiastic.She transfers these qualities elegantly into her Coaching and combines them with precision, passion and competence. If you decide to choose her as your Coach you are in good hands.'

-Brian Colbert (Mind Coach, Co-founder of Irish Institute of NLP, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP).

Another from Brian Colbert

I have listened to the introduction , the sitting instructions /advice and going through the first meditation . It is very well done authentic simple warm pleasant natural helpful and informative hits all the points and as one who has been meditating for over 30 years I give it a thumbs up ...well done Elfreda top job and you can quote me on that !....:-) Brian Colbert (Mind Coach, Co-founder of Irish Institute of NLP,

Licensed Master Trainer of NLP).

Another lovely testimonial. This time from a parent whose son attended some coaching sessions.

'My son who started college in September was struggling with all the changes and expectations. He met with Elfreda on a number of occasions. The wonderful part of this arrangement was Elfreda had known him since he was a young child in primary school and in her drama group. Her support of him at this crucial time was a wonderful resource. Her kindness, forthrightness and guidance were so helpful. He learned self-support and calming skills which will allow him the best opportunities to learn. It is so good to know that Elfreda is available to meet with him again if he needs some time out and support. He and I are so very grateful to Elfreda ⭐️'

'I attended the confidence for children workshop with Elfreda and found it really thought provoking and also got a few practical tips that I wasn't expecting. I'd highly recommend'. Tracy O' Hare, Meath

'For me it was hard to see my little ones upset whenever I had to go to work or leave them for a while. Departures were prolonged and I was often lured back by the sobbing and upset . It was very helpful to work with Elfreda and learn that there were some things we could do to help reduce separation anxiety. I would reassure the children that I would be back and give hugs and kisses (we have our own funny parting gestures a silly song and high 5s. I would tell them that "sometimes Mamma has to go to work and I can't take you, at work I do lots of things and but you can do things too " get them into problem solving mode "what could you do when I am working?" they came up with ideas like feed the dog, make sure he has a fresh drink, build some Lego etc, helping them feel that they were in control of those tasks often lessened the anxiety, it's hard to be upset and problem solving at the same time . Settling into a school routine often my daughter will protest and refuse to go .Again looking at what she might miss out on if she didn't go like favourite subjects , PE and dancing etc helped to create the desire and she would quickly decide that getting ready and going to school to enjoy all the things there was the better choice . I highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyed coaching sessions with Elfreda .

Elfreda has helped me to understand that the children can sense your confidence as you walk out the door, smiling and giving a cheerful wave and a quick "bye" has helped the children sense my confidence they know that I feel ok about leaving them with the caregiver and they can feel ok too.' Carol, Trim.

'I've talked to Elfreda on a couple of occasions now with issues that were holding me back from achieving some goals that I wanted to reach and to get out of a rut in one particular area of life. Elfreda was able to hone in on the issues very quickly and was able to show me new possibilities allowing me to get movement towards my goals again. Elfreda is friendly and professional and brings great insight to the areas she works on. I would highly recommend Elfreda to anyone who wants lasting positive change'. Sean, Dublin

'Elfreda is such a warm, caring, kind and wise person. Her broad experience, knowledge and her thirst to continuously learn and add to her tool set - all with the aim and intention to help and serve others - is truly amazing and inspiring. She brings clarity, wisdom and positivity to all situations and challenges. I am so glad to have met her and have received such wonderful advise, direction, support and kindness from her. I would highly recommend Elfreda in all she does as it is easy to see that she always does her best, always gives her best and always has the best intentions - what more could you possible want or need from anyone'. Sile, Dublin.

'I was feeling very frustrated with myself about taking on the responsibility of an activity this year in my work. I kind of resented having to do it as it seemed I was failing all the people involved, plus myself, and the same thing kept happening every year. But Elfreda helped me to get to the bottom of my negative feelings for this activity. Helped me to look at the situation differently and take a more positive and productive approach. And what do you know? The people involved responded differently to my new approach and things are progressing much better this year. For me and the group of people involved'. Emer.

'Elfreda, my mentor and colleague in the mind coaching field, remains an inspiration to me. Meeting her during NLP Coaching class, I remember her fine skill of assessing a situation that had me in a tizzy, and moving me in a blink of an eye into seeing my internal resorces and using them to change how I felt. Her genius, in my mind, is the ability to keenly listen and ask questions that provoke positive action. I experience her as empathetic and yet clear about boundaries. She is patient and determined to help clients move from confusion, frustration and a sense of feeling stuck, to guide them to a place of clarity, calmness and motivation into action where the client experiences the gift of choice, through the work done to change. She does this with enthusiasm and passion for her vocation, guiding her clients to experience the freedom of multiple choice'. Angy Dieckmann, USA

'Elfreda is a highly-skilled and compassionate coach and therapist with superb empathy and intuition for her clients. She is personally, powerfully motivated to facilitate her clients in overcoming obstacles to be the best they can be. She draws her inspiration and motivation from her own compelling life story where she persisted in the face of severe difficulties to find her way to her potential. I have worked with Elfreda over a period and have been struck by her natural affinity for people and her fine skills in using language to help you to change your thinking and to open up your possibilities and potential. Potential you may not have realised you had. I have no hesitation on recommending Elfreda to anyone who is facing personal challenges or simply hopes to achieve more.' Cormac

'I found the interview skills coaching to be extremely helpful! The techniques and exercises Elfreda did with me really helped to boost my confidence and as a result I felt much more positive going into interview! I would recommend these interview preparation sessions to anyone who finds themself extremely nervous and dreads the thoughts of interviews. They proved of great benefit to me and I would be happy to do them again'. Louise Scully.